Aims of the orchestra

SZO_18_1As there are no professional orchestras for plucked string music it is the aim of SZO to execute and thus promote or encourage contemporary compositions and their execution in local orchestras thus serving as a mediator between rural lay musical performance and professional, institutionalized cultural life:

1. Promotion of the young

SZO_StutzThe promotion of the young has been successfully practised for years by the orchestra and the local societies. They begin with instrumental schooling, give first experience in ensemble play in the local societies, followed by special classes of the BZVS which lead to the youth orchestras and with the required level reached to membership in the SZO. Technical mastership of the instrument as well as the skill of musical expression are the fundamental conditions of membership. An encouraging atmosphere and a creative surrounding are essential elements of the orchestra’s success.

Familiarity among musicians, the aspiring of high quality standards, cooperation with renowned leaders and soloists, the investigation and execution of contemporary literature for orchestra offer the chance of widening one’s own personal horizon and deepening one’s musical experience.

2. Multiplying function of societies

It’s the explicit aim of both orchestra and leading team to encourage orchestra members to show responsibility and become leaders in local societies thus passing on the skill, experience and knowledge they have gained. Many of the present leaders of local societies have been former members or are still members of the SZO.

3. Promotion and development of plucked string music

SZO_SchwaenOn various international mandolin festivals the orchestra gained great reputation for its interpretation of contemporary music. To the present day all former leaders have had first nights of their compositions with the SZO amongst them famous composers like Heinrich Konietzny and Kurt Schwaen.


4. Representation

SZO_Behrend_FThe orchestra’s activities have helped to abolish prejudices against mandolin music among professional musicians. The intensive cooperation with SR (Saarländischer Rundfunk) and Saarbrücken Highschool for Music contributed vastly.

By the many concerts, CD and radio recordings the orchestra has become the main representative of the BZVS.

With the help of international artists and soloists the orchestra presents a repertoir of a very high musical standard the financial and personal requirements of which can’t be met with by local societies.