Leo Clambour´s 100th anniversary ceremony with the Saarland Plucked Strings Orchestra (SZO)

Last year Leo Clambour – an icon of plucked strings music – would have been 100 years. For long years he was president of the association of plucked strings and popular music of the Saarland (BZVS).

By his activity at Saarland Radio and by his commitment great people like Heinrich Konietzny, Siegfried Behrend, Takashi Ochi and Marcel Wengler were won over to the BZVS. Without Leo Clambour the BZVS could not have played today‘s important role.

For his 100th anniversary the BZVS organized on March 18 in the big auditorium of Saarland Radio a matinée, on which the Leo Clambour medal for outstanding performances in the field of plucked strings and popular music was awarded. For exceptional merits and long years of commitment were honoured: Saarland Radio, Mr Winfried Mutschler, Mrs Monika Reiter and Mr Bernhard Fromkorth.

To the ceremony in honour of one of its founding fathers musical form was given by the Saarland plucked strings orchestra. Mainly compositions by Leo Clambour‘s contemporaries were on the programme. The SZO opened the matinée with Siegfried Behrend‘s arrangement of “Concerto for guitar and plucked strings orchestra in D-major“ by Antonio Vivaldi (soloist: Tim Beuren). Then followed “Canzona and Fantasia“ – two movements following a lute suite – written by former SZO conductor Marcel Wengler.

The guitar ensemble of the SZO could be heard as well. They performed “Kalimba“ by Jürg Kindl and “Introduction et Fandango“ by Luigi Boccherini.

The programme of the whole orchestra was continued, according to the history of the SZO, with works by former conductor Helmut Fackler (“Concerto for saxophone and plucked strings orchestra“, soloist Micheal Bick) and by the current conductor Reiner Stutz (“Tango Suite“).

There are young talented musicians still today, who compose especially for the SZO. Andreas Lorson dedicated to the orchestra “Fantasie nr 2“, which after the premiere last year was now presented to the public again.

The concert ended with “Impressioni d‘Oriente“ by Amadeo Amadei, an impressing work in the current repertoire of the SZO.

After the ceremony the BZVS invited all guests into the foyer of the auditorium, where they could with champagne and little snacks continue celebrating and exchange memories.

SZO with soloist Tim Beuren SZO with soloist Michael Bick awardwinners of the Leo-Clambour-medal and BZVS-president Dr. Marcel Wirtz

photos: Thomas Kronenberger