Matinée at Vauban Health Centre

On August 19, with about 200 guests, Vauban Health Centre at Saarlouis celebrated their 10th anniversary. Dr Carsten Schürfeld had invited the SZO to accompany by musical offerings the festivities on the roof terrace of the health centre.

After the host‘s words of welcome the guitar ensemble of the SZO opened the celebrations with “Kalimba“ by Jürg Kindl and “Introduction et Fandango“ by Luigi Boccherini. The entire orchestra had their turn then with three works after Secretary Monika Bachmann‘s address. As a kind of warm up the musicians played Eduardo Mezzacapo‘s “Andante et Polonaise“. Emiel Stöpler‘s “The City awakens“ reflected the still morning atmosphere of Saarlouis city. And the swinging saxophone of “Cool & Blue“ by Peter Lehel sounded now as a particular reveille.

Then Peter Demmer, future mayor, as well as Rainer Dannegger, vice managing director of the DRK hospital, congratulated the health centre on 10 years of successful work.

To end the official part the SZO played further works of their current repertoire: “Libertango“ by Astor Piazzolla, “Impressioni D‘Oriente“ by Amadeo Amadei, “Second Waltz“ by Dmitri Schostakovitsch and an Aria by Eugène Bozza.

Fortunately on that Saturday morning the weather god was in a wonderful mood, too. So in brilliant sunshine all the players of the orchestra were invited to refresh themselves with little delicacies up there on the roof terrace.

Thank you, Dr Schürfeld, that we could perform at that particular celebration.